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Things You Should Look for Before Buying Used Tires

If one of the tires in your vehicle is not functioning well, replacing it with a used tire is a good alternative. But, it would help if you made a few checks before you choose, as not everything that looks proper functions equally well. At Bodyline Auto Recyclers, we buy and disassemble scrap vehicles. We provide a range of new and used auto parts at discounted prices. We offercar sales, used transmission and used tires

Five Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Tires

Here are the things you should look out for in used tires:


1.      Tread Depth

When you decide to purchase a used tire, take a penny with you and insert it upside down into the tire's grooves. If you can see the coin's head, the tire is bald, and you can't drive it, so move on to the next one. 


2.      Bead Chunking 


Check the bead areas and the thick rings of rubber near which the tire connects to the wheel. You need to look out for chunks of rubber worn out from the beads or any damage that prevents the tire from sealing properly. Also, if the beads are not in good shape, the tires will lose air pressure frequently. 


3.      Liner Impairment


Inspect the inner liner of the used tires for damaged cords as it could cause potential damage to them. If a tire starts losing air, the sidewalls will collapse. If the sidewalls are softer, the tire is unsafe to use. 


4.      Unsuitable Repairs 


Look out for punctures in the tires and how many times it's been repaired. If it has been appropriately repaired, you will notice a full patch on the inside of the tire. Even though plugs aren't unsafe, patches are definitely a better option. Don't choose tires that have punctures on either side of the sidewall. 


5.      Age 


Tires deteriorate with time, and it isn't elementary to determine how safe they'll be. People even paint old tires to make them look new. Check the sidewalls and look throughout for signs of cracks or wear. Also, try to determine the date of manufacturing of the tire by looking for the sticker.


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