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  • man touching a tire
    17/06/2020 0 Comments
    Things You Should Look for Before Buying Used Tires

    If one of the tires in your vehicle is not functioning well, replacing it with a used tire is a good alternative. But, it would help if you made a few checks before you choose, as not everything that looks proper functions equally well. At Bodyline Auto Recyclers, we buy and disassemble scrap vehicles. We provide a range of new and used auto parts at discounted prices. We offercar sales, used transmission and used tires

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  • man repairing a car engine
    17/06/2020 0 Comments
    What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Engine?

    Instead of replacing the engine of your car with a new one, consider buying a used engine. Also, if you own an old car, there is no point in buying a new engine for it. Used engines are always in demand as they offer numerous benefits. Bodyline Auto Recyclers sells quality used motor parts in Ontario. We thoroughly clean and test used automotive parts before selling them. Our full line of new and used auto parts is backed by a 90-day warranty.

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