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Trusted Auto Wreckers in Hamilton

When choosing reliable auto wreckers in Hamilton, Bodyline Auto Recyclers is the name you can trust. We buy end-of-life vehicles for salvage purposes. We pay cash for scrap cars at our location in Hamilton. At Bodyline, we will ensure your old vehicle is properly recycled, right down to the oils. Individual components are removed, cleaned, tested and resold at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re an auto mechanic, a gearhead, or someone just looking for a good deal on a car battery, we offer a full line of new and used auto parts backed by a 90-day warranty. We also have a new stock of engine parts, used transmissions and tires.



Need help finding a specific auto part? Give us a call or check out our online inventory.


How We Go About Deconstructing Your Vehicle


Most of the parts in your old car can be reused. You would be surprised to know that even in its worn-out condition, the broken or damaged parts in your car can be salvaged for future use, often only with minor repair and restoration. Our workmen start by carrying out a complete assessment of the condition of the vehicle. The auto parts that can be used are removed and repaired. After taking apart the useful parts, the rest of the car is reclaimed. Depending upon the condition of the car:

  • The wheels, doors, and body panels are sold to body shops or reclaimed as scrap metal.
  • Tires are sold to be retreaded and reused. Alternatively, they can be recycled to be used for other purposes such as road paving.
  • The batteries can also be resold.
  • Fluids from the car are safely removed and disposed of in a controlled environment.
  • The anti-freeze and washer fluid are re-processed for reuse at our auto recycling facility.
  • The AC refrigerant in your car can be sealed and sold to licensed buyers for reuse.

If you have an old vehicle you want to discard and recycle, give us a call today.


Why Choose Us?


Over the years, Bodyline Auto Recyclers have been built a reputation as the trusted auto wreckers in Hamilton because we recycle vehicles responsibly and sustainably.  We follow a thoroughly professional approach to dismantling your vehicles. Our workmen start with a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of your vehicle. They proceed by checking each part for its reusability. Our professional approach and customer-centric policy have helped us emerge as the preferred auto wreckers of Hamilton. Check out our inventory for the availability of the parts that you are looking for.

Contact Information

Address:  3 Birmingham St, Hamilton, ON L8L 0C4



HAMILTON: 905-573-7000
TORONTO:  416-777-2577
TOLL FREE: 1-800-263-1329


Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Closed Saturday Sunday

Methods of Payment





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