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Keys in exchange for cash

If you've got a car that doesn't run anymore, you should consider scrapping it.

When you've been driving the vehicle for a long time, it tends to hold some sentimental value. This makes it harder to admit when it's too far gone to keep fixing. One day it'll break down for good and you'll have a much harder time selling it, whether it be to a dealership or a private buyer.

We're here to tell you that there's still hope for selling your older vehicle, even after it's turned into scrap. In this post, we're going to tell you what to expect from the scrap car process and give you an idea of what you might get for yours.


The Process of Scrapping Old Cars

From start to finish, the process of scrapping your old car may only take a few minutes. If you can get the car down to our Hamilton-area facility with the keys, your license, and proof of ownership, then we can work out a great deal in no time.

If your car doesn't drive, contact us with the details, and we'll pick it up the next day. We can offer a cash price over the phone with little information about the year model and condition of your vehicle. The process is still much faster and easier than trying to sell your old car to a private buyer or dealership.

When a car recycler like us buys your car, we remove and restore the usable parts in an environmentally-friendly manner. Doing so allows us to give you the best value for your old vehicle. Once we've got the parts out of the car, they go into our parts inventory, where we sell them at a fraction of the original retail price.

What Is the Worth of Your Scrap Car?

There are a few factors to determine how much you'll get for your vehicle. The first factor is what kind of shape it's in. The more usable parts that we can extract from your car as we dismantle it, the more money we can give you.

You might be wondering how we can determine which parts are usable so quickly. Well, our highly-trained staff thoroughly tests and examines each car to see whether or not they're in working order. After that, the inventory team will look everything over, using a digital pad to mark specific parts for removal.

The other factors that might affect the money you'll get for your car are the make and model, whether it has power, and its age. If your car is a relatively new Mercedes that's too expensive for you to fix, you're going to get more money than if you bring us an Accord from the early 90s that doesn't run at all.


Is It Time to Scrap Your Car?

If you think it's time to bring in your scrap car, then take it to the best in the business. As the GTAs premier scrap yard and auto salvage company, Bodyline Auto Recyclers can make getting rid of your car a breeze. We'll get you the most for your car and have it off your hands in 10 minutes.

Fill out our form with your and your car's information, and we'll get back to you with how to proceed.


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