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Between 74 and 75 million cars are sold every year, but before you can think about getting a new car, you've got to know the signs that it's time to get rid of your old car.

What are the signs to get rid of my car, you might be wondering?

We're going to detail some of the most common signs that tell you when to get rid of a car. Take your foot off the gas and check out these signs below.


1. Increase in Repairs

Sometimes making repairs on a car is a good thing to increase the longevity of it. However, when you start to realize that the amount of money it takes to repair your car exceeds how much the car is worth, it's a sign that it's time to junk your car.

Ensure that you keep track of the repairs you've made because, at some point, continuing to make repairs isn't worth it anymore.


2. Reduced Safety Features

Each year new car models make their way onto the showroom floor. With newer models, there's an increase in the safety features that you'll get. Cars are tested before they are able to be presented to the public.

Without proper testing, the car is not made available for people to purchase.

Keep in mind that your car might not have the same features that newer models have, meaning that your car may be unsafe. Another common sign that it's time to get rid of your car is when you notice that the safety features are nonexistent or not the way they need to be to protect you and other passengers.


3. Unexplained Noises

A noise here and there isn't a cause for concern, but if the noise becomes consistent and you can't find its cause, you need to get your car checked. When your car makes noises and shakes when using it, take that as a warning sign that all is not right with the car.

It's best that you get rid of your car before something goes wrong, besides you'll save money not paying someone to find the cause of the noise.


4. No Longer Works

Have you recently become a family of four instead of a family of three? If so, you may be thinking about getting rid of your old car because it no longer fits your family's current needs.

Cars work for specific times in our lives and not so much for others. When you find that your needs have changed, it's time to find something that fits those needs today.


When to Get Rid of My Old Car?

Several signs allude to the fact that it's time to get rid of an old car. For instance, if your car's safety features are outdated or if the car no longer works for your family's needs, it's time to junk it.

Are you looking for somewhere to junk your car? If so, contact Bodyline Auto Recyclers. We can help you get rid of your old car.



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