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You know when you finish a gallon of milk or get done with the Sunday newspaper, you take it to the recycling bin. You donate old clothes and home items so they don't get thrown out. You might even be a big believer in buying gently used items instead of buying new ones.

In fact, about 32% of people participate in some form of recycling. Imagine the impact we could have if Americans also started participating in auto recycling.

The idea of recycling cars works just like any other form of recycling. Instead of taking old cars and old car parts to the dump, they get recycled. They could be resold or repurposed, having a huge impact on auto waste and the environment too. Read on to learn more about the benefits associated with auto recycling.  


Smart Vehicle Disposal

When learning about auto recycling, you quickly realize how many cars aren't recycled. They are left to junkyards and landfills. The parts and materials left and wasted.

A big concern is also all the fluids that make up a car's parts. This might include oil, brake fluids, coolants, gasoline, and power-steering fluid. If cards are left in a junk heap or landfills, all those substances eventually end up in the ground.

Smart vehicle recycling removes those substances for proper disposal and uses and recycles parts of the unwanted cars.


Reduce Manufacturing Greenhouse Gases

There are several ways recycling cars can reduce their impact on greenhouse gases. Steel gets recycled from old cars lessening the need for new steel to be produced. When new steel production isn't needed, less iron ore needs to be mined. All these will help to lower the number of greenhouse gases released into the environment.


Cost Savings for Consumers

Consumers are all about saving a buck. When you can buy a used part instead of a new one, you save money. You might be able to buy a used transmission for a blown one in your car. Not only do you not have to pay top dollar for a part that isn't made anymore, but you also keep the used one from landing in a waste pile.

The same is true for used tires and other auto parts too.


Save on Natural Resources

The Earth's natural resources are being used at an alarming rate. When you participate in car recycling by either getting your old car recycled or by using recycled parts, you help to save some natural resources. 


Reduce Pollution in Air and Water

In addition to not using new natural resources when you recycle, you can also help keep air and water clean when you don't dump your old car. Tires don't go in landfills. Fluids from the old car don't pollute groundwater. 


Long Term Changes

While it may not be common practice to participate in recycling cars, it can be. As more and more people opt for used parts and recycling old cars, the positive impact continues to increase over time. 


Take Advantage of the Benefits of Auto Recycling

As you learn more about auto recycling, it's not hard to see how it not only benefits the Earth but also benefits consumers in savings. Consumers can also make money by opting to recycle their cars and selling the parts and scrap.

If you want to learn more about auto recycling or are interested in recycling your car, contact us today.


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